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The Agrarian Chamber urges sectoral co-operation to prevent damage from swine fever

The National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) urges sectoral co-operation in order to ensure that African swine fever (ASF) does not appear in domestic pig stocks and limit the damage in...

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Nébih: another infected wild boar was found

Another infected wild boar was found in Heves County. Since 21 April, African swine fever (ASP) has been detected in a total of five carcasses – the chief veterinarian of...

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Agricultural Chamber: Hungarian pork is safe

The Hungarian pork is safe, even after the appereance of the African swine fever, as the strict animal health and food safety rules exclude the infection, and the virus that...

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The new veterinarian decision against African swine fever was published

The National Chief Veterinary Officer compiled the protection tasks on the control of African swine fever (ASP) in a unified structure, supplemented with new measures – the Ministry of Agriculture...

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Nébih calls attention to the import ban on meat

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) again calls attention to the ban on imports of meat products after African swine fever (ASP) virus was detected in pig meat sample...

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