The METRO-GYEA collecting action ends in Szeged

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 09. 01. 00:00

The most difficult period for the starving children is the summer break. Nearly twenty thousand children's physical existence depends on free food.

Because of the crisis, the donating spirit declined. That is why the Children Nutrition Foundation (Gyea) organized a fundraising and awareness campaign in Szeged, together with METRO.
The packages include the following foods from additional sponsors of the collecting action:
Sugar (Mátra Cukor Zrt.); Rege cucumber (Szatmári Konzervgyár Kft.), cabbage casserole (Fish and Food Kft.), pork liver cream (Hame Hungária Kft.), macaroni (Mary-Ker Pasta Kft.), Pasta horn (Soós Tésztaipari Kft.), canned minced pork Pápai Hús 1913 Kft.), Split (Pa-Comp Kft.), bread crumbs, flour (AboMill Zrt.), müzliszeletek (Cerbona Zrt.).

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