Value for money is the most important influence in store choice

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 05. 12. 01:40

If the majority of people try to cut down on their grocery spending – according to our first-quarter survey 72 percent of them do – these efforts have a major influence on their consumption and shopping habits too. Nielsen ShopperTrends surveyed shopping habits in the autumn of 2012 the last time and Hungarian consumers significantly changed their criteria for choosing stores if compared with the autumn of 2011. ‘Groceries with a good value for money’ became the number one store choice factor (it used to be 3rd in autumn 2011). The current number two, ‘I can find everything that I need on the shelves’ used to be 19th and the number three factor ‘I can buy everything that I need in one single store’ was the 7th most important factor in the autumn of 2011. What used to be number one – ‘offering good price discounts and promotions’ – is now only the 4th influencer of grocery store choice. It is also true though that 31 percent of Hungarian shoppers change stores for a good promotion.

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