Szállá discounts can entice guests

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 05. 07. 10:57
After the restrictions are lifted, the accommodation establishments will give guests a discount of up to 20-30 percent, according to the experts of Szállá, who believe that those accomodiations will be able to get out of the crisis better who can adapt quickly to the new needs.

In its sectoral analysis of the online hotel booking portal sent to MTI on Thursday, Szigetvári József, CEO of Szállá, explained that the popularity of full board in accommodation is on the rise, after months of everyone having to go shopping and cooking for themselves. He added that at the end of the curfew, coupon offers, cheaper accommodation categories and promotions will be popular, because many will only be able to afford them. The company forecasts that guests are expected to opt for their own car or bike trip over air and train trips. (MTI)

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