This year, food prices have risen sharply

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 11. 23. 11:42
Shoppers have seen a huge rise in food prices this year, but it looks like it won’t be interrupted next year, and it can’t even be ruled out that this process may even accelerate. This year – even compared to last year’s high base – food prices have risen at an accelerating rate month by month, there is almost no product that could have been avoided by the price increase, wrote.

We can expect further food price increases next year

According to the data of the KSH, in October food prices exceeded the level of a year by 5.2 percent, but every month they find quite a few types of food, the prices of which have risen sharply. Last month, the price of cooking oil was 30.4 percent higher, the price of margarine 18.8 percent higher -Népszava wrote. (

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