Sirha Budapest 2022 – Partnerek, programok, piacok

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 02. 03. 09:01

New trends and innovations in packaging

Nagy Miklós CSAOSZ

Miklós Nagy 
managing secretary general

Next March the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ) will give an overview of the latest trends and innovations in packaging at Sirha Budapest.

Our plans include discussing the environmental regulations concerning packaging, the chances for introducing a mandatory return charge system and designing sustainable packaging.//

Bocuse d’Or 2022

Hamvas Zoltán

Hamvas Zoltán
Magyar Bocuse d’Or

Once again after 6 years Budapest, more precisely the Sirha Budapest 2022 trade show will be the host of the European final of the world’s most prestigious chef competition, the Bocuse d’Or. Hungary’s representatives in the final will be Bence Dalnoki, sous chef of Stand Restaurant and Patrik Nyikos, the young chef from IKON restaurant. The team’s coach is Tamás Széll and its president is Szabina Szulló. //



Playing a main role


Ákos Bősze
HoReCa business
development manager

Metro will be present at the SIRHA trade show with the biggest stand in 2022 too. We are preparing with several programmes for the representatives of the hospitality sector. Sustainable gastronomy and ultra-fresh products will be in the limelight. We will also present our digital solutions, as Metro’s strategic objective is to contribute to the development of Hungarian gastronomy. Partners can also get to know our recently launched food order service, DISH.


Marketing support for the sector

Septe József, Magyar Pékszövetség

József Septe
Hungarian Bakers’ Association

The Hungarian Bakers’ Association will be waiting for the representatives of the bakery industry at Sirha Budapest in 2022. We will be hosting a one-day event that will concentrate on sales and bakery shop design. There will be showcases and presentations and the association’s stand will be a real 21 st-century.//



Sirha Business Café 2022

Szuna Noémi

Noémi Szuna
program organiser
Sirha Business Café

Visitors can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and participate in business workshops at the Sirha Business Café stand. There will be presentations and panel discussion about coffee and bar culture. Some of the main topics will be the new consumption habits generated by the pandemic, technological innovations and new-generation business solutions. //



With dedication and hard work

Kiss-Szabó Eszter, Gasztrohős

Eszter Kiss-Szabó
head of communications
Felelős Gasztrohős

The Responsible Gastro Hero Foundation has been popularising sustainable gastronomy and hospitality for 10 years. 2022 will be the second time the foundation cooperates with SIRHA Budapest. At the trade show we are going to be present with the Green Island: a stand where sustainable products and services will be waiting for visitors. We will also organise a one-day conference – here experts will discuss how the circular economy concept can be integrated into hospitality work.//



Conscious exhibition presence, smart support

Nánay Csilla, Goodwill National Trading

Nánay Csilla
Goodwill National Trading

Goodwill National Trading Kft. has been there at every Sirha Budapest trade fair so far as an exhibitor. For us this trade show is an important opportunity to present the brands that we represent – such as top quality Belgian Callebaut and French Cacao Barry chocolates. With the latter we have been the supporters of the Sirha Budapest Dessert Competition since the first contest. Goodwill Kft.’s Chocolate Academy helps pastry chefs in preparing for contests. //





The above article has also been published in Issue 2021/12-01 of Trade magazin.

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