Date: 2023. 04. 28. 17:00

This year Trade magazin organised the “Most successful promotion of the year” competition for the 15th time, the results of which were announced as part of a one-day conference, titled Day of Promotions, on 27 April.

Entries arrived in 7 categories to this year’s contest from brand manufacturers, advertising agencies and retailers, and five special awards could also be won. The winners were decided based on the evaluation of the 14-member jury of experts, and on the results of a 4 focus group survey conducted by market research company Kantar Hoffmann.

Traditionally the award ceremony is integrated into a one-day trade programme.

It wasn’t by accident that the title of the conference organised as part of the anniversary Day of Promotions programme was “The Key to a Successful Promotion”. In her welcome speech Zsuzsanna Hermann, CEO and editor-in-chief of Trade magazin, talked about the growing importance of promotions in the current market situation, and shared her thoughts on the lessons learned from this year’s competition.


The opening lecture was given by Péter Geszti on how important it is that promotion always builds the brand under all circumstances; how important it is that the idea or thought on which it is based is creative and innovative, and that in the end it builds responsible consumption in the future. It goes without saying that it was a great success, as Péter’s captivating presentation had the effect of an energy bomb on those present for the rest of the day.


Gábor Tolnai, the head of Kantar Hoffmann’s marketing insight division analysed the 26 entries of the competition in detail, relying on the answers of the consumers interviewed in the focus groups. The audience learned about the positive and negative comments of shoppers, what is more, participants could also hear their recommendations for improving the promotions campaigns.


Every year the results make the conference really special, because the category winners and the special award winners introduce their campaigns, talking about their promotion ideas, offering first-hand background information never heard before elsewhere, revealing winning formulas and of course sharing the results of the campaigns. Szilvia Krizsó was the moderator of the award ceremony and the trade programme of the Day of Promotions.


From the event’s sponsors, two companies brought useful and trendy services that can be of great help in future campaigns, offering something new for those who were present in the audience. First Tamás Harci, the CEO of iPixel introduced the company’s latest innovation, which can be used for supporting in-store promotions with the solutions of iPixel’s own graphic design studio and printing shop. In the case that a POS tool is damaged during the promotion campaign, there is no need to contact the headquarters for replacing it, as the shop can directly get in touch with the printing shop, saving precious time during the campaign.

Zoltán Tóth, the CEO of DigInStore brought a promotional tool to the conference which had already debuted with great success at international trade fairs. The holographic fan is one of the most impressive tools for raising shopper attention in-store, as it is a real novelty and also because it is a spectacular sight. It looks like the images and texts materialise out of thin air, stunning the customers in the shop, informing them about the latest promotions. The device is available in different sizes, from a single unit to a wall-sized format, there are no limitations in size and application, and the visual elements can also be combined with sound effects. In addition to the stand presentation, the advantages and promotional possibilities of TrafikTv6 were also presented, which were confirmed by an eye camera test.

The organisers ended the conference with sharing what they had seen at EuroShop, the biggest POP-themed trade fair in the world. Ildikó Kátai, general secretary of POPAI Hungary Association and Attila Kolonics, managing director of Art Match analysed the 120,000 square metre trade show from a professional perspective, selecting the best from the more than 1,.8000 products and services showcased by the exhibitors, introducing the most useful, innovative and trendy promotional solutions to the audience.

You can read about the Day of Promotions in detail in Issue 6-7 of Trade magazine – in both the print and the digital version – where we are going to report not only on the presentations, but will also briefly introduce the best three promotions in each category, plus the special award winners.

Competition organiser:

Professional partners of the competition: 

Popai Hungary green120   

Competition sponsors:


Research partner of the competition:

Results of the “Most successful promotion of the year 2023” competition:


1st Havas Media Hungary Kft.– European Fresh Force

2nd and Trade Marketing Club special award Humán Telex Advertising Kft.–Adventibi Prize Game

3rd Eisberg Hungary Kft.– Let’s eat together! Buy and support the Bravery Camp Foundation with your purchase!

3rd and Trade magazin special award Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft. and Tricky Communications Kft. – Hungarian Product Prize Wheel promotion


1st Heineken Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt. and Domino Reklámügynökség Kft. – Heineken Silver VR hostess promotion                                                                           

2nd Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. – Quality Draught Beer Programme                   


1st Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. – Fanta Halloween                                               

2nd and POPAI special award Zwack Unicum Nyrt. – Unicum Shop in shop installation                    

3rd Heinemann Testvérek Kft. – Jim Beam & Tankcsapda Welcome Session    

3rd POS Services Kft. –Coca-Cola Christmas campaign                       


1st Rewart Creative & Digital Agency and MOL Nyrt. and Mastercard Hungary Kft.  – Where would you go from 5 million forints?  

2nd Rossmann Magyarország Kft. – Casino Rossmann                              

3rd SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. – SPAR and Street Kitchen present: Fördős Zé: Holidays from A to  Z                        


1st Lounge Group and STABILO International GmbH Magyarországi Fióktelepe – Colour with words                             

1st Soudal Magyarország Kft. – Soudagrill promotion                                       

Non-food (household cleaners and beauty products)                                                                            

1st and CSR special award Henkel Magyarország Kft. – Persil for children #cleanclothesforeveryone  

2nd and Sustainability special award Henkel Magyarország Kft. – Play for a greener future                                   

Online / Digital                    

1st Lounge Group and STABILO International GmbH Magyarországi Fióktelepe – Colour with words   

2nd Auchan Magyarország Kft. and BlackBelt Holding Zrt. and Mito Digital Zrt. – Month of trust                                                   

Congratulations to the winners on behalf of the jury and our partners!