By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 06. 20. 09:42

One of the promising conclusions that can be drawn from Hungarian ice cream contests is that Hungarian confectioners are creative, but even the elite – the 10-15 percent who are premium confectioners – rarely innovate in the domain of ice cream-related products. For instance in most Hungarian ice cream parlours cones are either plain or sweet. Recently black and coloured cones have also appeared on the scene. Three years ago Hisztéria confectionery in Tápiószecső caused a small sensation with putting liquid chocolate in the cones before the ice cream went in it. It is a great idea to serve ice cream in fruits instead of cones. The avocado ice cream in the picture is put in cones made from popular dough varieties such as chimney cake, pretzel, brownie, etc. //

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