Promotional gifts and prizes

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 08. 29. 08:00

There are evergreens on the prize gift market, for example all kinds of technical devices and IT gadgets. Obviously these cannot be used in every segment of the market and this is the reason why Paradise Solution Kft. attaches great importance to the micro-segmentation of the target group. Gábor Pölöskei, founder and strategy director is of the opinion that campaigns have to be target group-specific; expanding the target groups is a key aspect as well. He forecasts interactive prize games for the future, which are going to be micro-segmented and constitute a source of important research data. This way campaigns are going to be more measurable. Paradise Solution Kft. helps partners in this, since each partnership can be used for direct selling or information gathering, which can be used later to support targeted sales promotions.

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