Yoghurt drinks happy in the bottle

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 05. 01. 08:00

Pro-biotic is not a new word, but it seems to have become the main driving force behind the expansion of the yoghurt market, as this seems to be the most important form of added value for consumers. Functionality seems to be the preference over flavour at the moment. Sales of functional yoghurts have expanded recently, in spite of a rise in prices, while that of fruit yoghurt dropped somewhat, according to Nielsen data. One of the main factors contributing to the expansion was unflavoured Danone Activia with its 60 per cent market share – says Bea Kiss from Danone Kft. Regarding the three basic categories of yoghurts, present trends favour the growth of the healthy segment. Sales of yoghurts in this segment have expanded by over 50 per cent compared to the same period last year. SOLE-MIZO Zrt. refreshed its fruit yoghurt product line under the name SOLE Flört last year. – This allows all SOLE yoghurts to be presented with the same image – says Emese Paragi, brand manager of SOLE-MIZO Zrt. These products come in environment-friendly packaging. Slow shifts in consumer habits are detectable regarding flavoured yoghurts. Bottled yoghurt drinks are increasingly popular, holding a 10 per cent market share among flavoured products and an even higher percentage among unflavoured products. This type of packaging produces very dynamic, double digit growth. According to Borbála Pesti, marketing manager of Friesland Hungária Zrt. (Milli), it is important for consumers to have a product which can be consumed while on the go, without sitting down. Bernadett Strasser-Kátai, managing director of Mona Hungary Kft. agrees that yoghurt drinks still have a big potential for expansion. People who lead an active, sporty lifestyle take food with them which is right for sporting activities. She believes that the average consumer prefers smaller, 250-100 millilitre size units. Montice pro-biotic yoghurt drinks come in 250 ml size. Strawberry, peach and raspberry flavours account for the largest part of sales among flavoured yoghurts.