The Hungarian-Turkish trade in goods increase to its fivefold

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 02. 12. 11:07

The bilateral trade of goods since 2002 increased to fivefold between Hungary and Turkey: there are great opportunities in the economic cooperation between the to countries in tourism and in the construction industry – was said at the event of the Hajdu-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce, that was held on Thursday about the Hungarian-Turkish trade, economic and business relations.


Sakir Fakili, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey during his first Debrecen visit said that they signed a strategic agreement with Hungary that is a dynamically developing country. The strategic agreement is significant because Turkey only signed such strategic agreement with 12-13 countries. The ambassador spoke highly about the Hungarian government’s east opening as the eastern countries show a dynamic development in recent years. (MTI)

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