Joining forces – good decision – excellent products

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 09. 20. 20:54

With the establishment of the Value and Quality Award certification trademark, those companies, products and services which aim at being excellent among the so many good ones have another chance to prove their worth. Value and Quality Award winners can serve as role models that contribute to the development of Hungary’s economy. In 2018 DIAMOND Szervezőiroda Bt., Hajnal Húskombinát Kft., KÖMI Kft., Legrand Magyarország Villamos Rendszerek Zrt., Poli-Farbe Vegyipari Kft., ProfessionCert Kft. and Mezőcsávás-based SSM & SIU Kft. teamed up – both professionally and financially – to implement the Value and Quality Award programme. Our magazine asked the organisers about their experiences. 

Ildikó Kiss Károlyné
managing director
DIAMOND Szervezőiroda

The Value and Quality Award is a measurement and a guidance that we use to build a brand that expresses real values. With this scheme the objective is to reward high-quality innovative products and services, making consumers more conscious in their choices and achieving recognition. Evaluation was done in five rounds and the jury was considering all evaluation aspects when making a decision. A wide range of products and services are eligible for taking part in the Value and Quality Award programme. This year most of the winners came from the food sector – this category involves dietary supplements and restaurants too. In the future we plan to add new services to the programme portfolio, together with the field of workplace and fire safety. 

János Somogyvári
managing director

We do believe that dedication results in better product quality, which leads to having stronger companies that guarantee a steady and fair income to employees. I really think that this award is just as important for consumers – as guidance – as for the companies – to them it serves as feedback on their work. Interest from companies was the biggest in the food industry this year, but cosmetics manufacturers also entered the programme in relatively large numbers.

Krisztina Hajnalné Raucsik
managing director
Hajnal Húskombinát

The Value and Quality Award uses strict criteria to evaluate entries, including many things from product ingredients to production technology. Being a food company, we focused on healthy ingredients, environmental protection, energy efficiency and innovative solutions when evaluating entries. There were many dietary supplements and natural cosmetics among the competitors, and the quality level was really high. 

Ágnes Bálint
managing director

Value and Quality Award set the goal of honouring the high quality level of winner products and services, contributing to their competitiveness in international markets and motivating them for continuous innovation. Companies see their high-quality products/services rewarded with this trademark, while to consumers it proves that they get top quality and reliability for their money. Winners ‘join a club’, which sort of connects them and can lead to their preferring one another’s products/services. 

Zoltán Győző Szabó 
managing director

My view is that the Value and Quality Award is a kind of proof for consumers that the given product meets 21st-century requirements and guarantees top quality. It helps them choose the high-quality product or service from the many available. In the near future we would like to see more artisan products and services among the entries.

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