Opten: production figures of domestic companies is improving

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 09. 18. 11:22

According to Opten, corporate finance reports for 2018 show a fundamentally positive picture of the Hungarian economy, with a significant increase in the productivity of companies based on revenue per employee, but the trend is no longer positive in terms of profitability.

One of the most spectacularly increasing indicators – as almost always in recent years – was sales per employee in 2018, according to the company information service provider. Headcount sales (net sales / average headcount) have been rising steadily for years, growing 38.7 percent in the last 5 years (median increased from 12,540 million HUF in 2014 to 17,393 million HUF) among companies with annual revenues of more than 10 million HUF. (MTI)