She is the complete opposite of Nigella! – Video of the day

By: Trade Horeca Date: 2016. 01. 07. 10:31

Here's a music video from CookingChannel's incrediblyaffectedNadia G abouteatingbrunchin Brooklyn. Notonlycanshecook “bitchin'” food, butshecan rap and dancetoo. She's thetotalpackage. Thisdisturbing video takesplacein an asyetunidentified Brooklyn restaurant and featuresNadiadoingherbesttoridiculethetradition of “the Brooklyn hipsterbrunch” and rap atthesametime. Nadiamakesfun of hipstersbecauseshe is edgy and her show is calledNadia G's Bitchin' Kitchenwhichmakeshertheauthorityonallthingsrad. Thingsthatgetmockedas being hipsterbythe “deliciouslydemented” televisionhost: ristretto, fair trade coffee, Brooklyn, the L train, Ray-Bans, vegan ham, tightjeans, Silver Lake, Austin, and beards. “Girliessoflywiththeirmomjeanstush/Boys' faceshairylike a '70s bush,” sherapswithcrazyeyes. Nadiaalsoshakes a lot of assinfloraljeancut-offs. Go, watch, despair.

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