Eco-labeled products to be promoted

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 29. 11:45

The Ministry of Agriculture (FM), the CO-OP Hungary Zrt., and the Environmentally Friendly Products Nonprofit Kft. (Környezetbarát Termékek Nonprofit Kft.) signed a tripartite partnership agreement on Thursday in Budapest.


Tóth Géza (CO-OP Hungary Zrt.)
Csepeli Lajos  (CO-OP Hungary Zrt.)
V. Németh Zsolt  (Ministry of Agriculture)
Barta Géza (Environmentally Friendly Products Nonprofit Kft.)

Under the agreement an environmentally friendly pilot project was launched in order to promote eco-label products.

The eco-labeled products do not contain hazardous materials or only minor hazardous materials, they are material and energy-efficient, compared with other materials.

In addition, throughout their life cycle they are less harmful to the environment, to the people's health.

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