Magazine: Germany: Will wholesale be Amazon’s next victim?

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 01. 28. 07:26

In Germany Amazon is intensifying its efforts in the B2B channel by courting wholesalers for cooperations. The wholesale sector is experiencing consolidation and Amazon’s move can speed this up; offering a stepping stone for some small to medium wholesalers – and bringing the end for others. For small wholesalers the only advantage of offering their products on Amazon’s marketplace is reaching more customers.

Large wholesalers such as Metro AG and Transgourmet can protect themselves against Amazon’s pushing forward with their expertise and buyer base. It is also good for them that Amazon will be unable to provide the high quality customer service wholesaler partners are used to in Germany. Probably Amazon would be better off if they tried to conquer the world outside of HoReCa: offices and kiosks would probably love to profit from the comfort that Amazon can give to them.

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