Do not touch my food!

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 01. 14. 06:24

The gloves are off! But they should be on, says the state of California. Many chefs are up in arms about having to wear gloves while cooking, in accordance with a new food safety law that goes into effect over the next six months.

The new law bans bare-handed contact with many kinds of foods, but some chefs say the law is confusing, ineffective, bad for the environment and can compromise a final dish.

“The band-aid of a blanket glove regulation is potentially dangerous,” says Neal Fraser, chef-owner of BLD restaurant and Fritzi Dog. “People get into the tendency to not wash their hands. And environmentally it's very unfriendly. It's funny that at the same time L.A. institutes a plastic bag ban, there's this.”,0,6631800.story#ixzz2qRShniF1

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