Magazine: Carrot’s price surged

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2018. 10. 26. 07:30

Data from the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AKI) and KSH’s market price information system (PÁIR) revealed that on the 35th week at the Budapest Wholesale Market the price of carrot (HUF 250/kg) and parsley (HUF 1,000/kg) exceeded that of week No. 35 in 2017 by 178 percent and 167 percent, respectively.

The European Commission reported that between January and June 2018 the EU’s egg import soared by 114 percent to 17,000 tons, while egg export dropped 12 percent to 101,000 tons. According to KSH, in the same period Hungary purchased 29 percent less egg (9,700 tons) from the international market than a year earlier; our egg export jumped 56 percent to 6,600 tons. The production price of slaughter pig – without VAT and transportations costs – was HUF 467/kg in July 2018, down 13 percent from the base period. //

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