Get ready to start the school! with the “Mini Borjú párizsi” from Wiesbauer-Dunahús

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 08. 10. 11:24
Within a few weeks, hundreds of thousands of children and young people will return to school from their holidays. Therefore, it is important to decide. Wiesbauer-Dunahús recommends the “Mini Borjú párizsi” for this. This delicious, lean, fresh cold cuts specialty is available in three different, mouth-watering flavors.

The “Mini Borjú párizsi” is an ideal choice (Photo: Wiesbauer-Dunahús)

The “Mini Borjú párizsi” offered in a 300-gram, self-service fridge is ideal for a varied and quick-to-prepare a snack for school. In addition to the classic “Mini Borjú párizsi”, it is definitely worth trying the paprika and cheese flavorings!

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