E-invoicing useful for everybody

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 10. 05. 08:00

Electronic invoicing had been regarded as a remote possibility by companies for a long time. However, it has become reality. Companies using electronic invoicing will soon find themselves making more profit than before, with more accurate, simpler and cheaper administration. Leading retail chains like TESCO, METRO, SPAR, BauMax have adopted EDI based systems for accepting invoices and they would like their partners to start using such systems as well. The more active members of the ECR Hungary Association feel that a critical mass has been reached which would allow a breakthrough to be achieved. Some suppliers like Henkel, Coca-Cola, Bunge have also begun to use EDI systems. By early 2009, Unilever, Procter&Gamble, Kraft, Friesland, Beiersdorf will also join them. There is an EDI-electronic invoice workgroup within the ECR Association, assigned to tasks related to the introduction and operation of EDI systems, like co-ordination, sharing of experience and definition of certain points of the relevant standard. This allows participating companies to co-ordinate and optimise their specific requirements. Many ECR member companies are expected to start accepting electronic invoices in January 2009. By April 2009, there will be several dozens of companies using EDI systems. In Poland and the Czech Republic, 55-70 percent of the total supplies of consumer goods are already invoiced electronically. While the cost of issuing a paper invoice is HUF 150-250 at present, this can be reduced to a fraction by e-invoicing. If paperwork is reduced, there will also be less administrative tasks related to handling heaps of paper. As a result of automated processes, the liquidity of suppliers will also improve. Hungarian regulations fully support EU conform e-invoicing. For further information, see the www.ecr.hu web site.

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