What would have happened if…

By: Mezei János Date: 2021. 05. 07. 10:26

At the moment there are 7 billion and 830 million people living on planet Earth and 10 percent of them are malnourished. UNICEF’s estimation is that due to the economic recession generated by the pandemic, 83-132 million people are now going hungry.

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What would have happened if there had been no pandemic? Let’s imagine that we ended the famine at global level, as the number two objective of the leading powers of the world is to reduce hunger to zero. Technological development is getting faster and faster. We are already talking about Industry 5.0, where robotics increase efficiency and productivity further. Thanks to this people need to work less and they can spend more time with enjoying culture, arts and human relationships.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the scenario. Who would have thought that countries would be closing down their borders all over the world, and people won’t shake hands or hug each other to prevent the spreading of the pandemic? Who would have thought that a single-use face mask would sell for HUF 300-400? Who would have thought that shoppers would be fighting for toilet paper in supermarkets? Who would have thought that a time can come when LIFE IS THE ONLY VALUE?! //

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