Success of Hungarian food and wines in Spain

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 05. 30. 08:00

A promotion with sampling called “European Weeks” was held in the stores of the retail chain El Corte Inglés, between 10-15 March. The products of 19 Hungarian companies were among those presented to Spanish consumers. The retail chain El Corte Inglés became the number one retail group in Europe in 2005 with revenues of EUR 16 billion. Over 600 million customers visited their stores in 2005. „European Weeks” are held in 70 stores each year. Hungarian companies were able to participate in the promotion this year with support from Agrármarketing Centrum . It was a great opportunity for the participants, as El Corte Inglés promised further co-operation depending on the success of the promotion. The assortment for the promotion composed of 100 hundred products was selected by purchasers of El Corte Inglés during the 2006-os Foodapest exhibition. The assortment included typical Hungarian specialities like salamis from Herz and PICK-Szeged and wines from Tokaj Oremus, Pannon Tokaj and Gróf Degenfeld Pincészet. Beverages from Kaiser 2000, Campona Italgyártó és Forgalmazó, Germán Ásványvíz Kft. and Elma were also part of the assortment, while the dairy industry was represented by products of Cosinus Gamma Kft., Gici Tej-Tejtermék Kft., Pannontej and Tolnatej. Sweets from Sweet Point Kft. and Pannon Tokaj Kft., tea specialities from Inwest, preserved products from Dunakiliti Konzervüzem and dried fruits from Nobilis also participated in the promotion.

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