Magnetic beer brands in hyper markets

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 03. 28. 08:00

Since beer sales grew last year, even though it was a difficult year for everybody, optimism regarding 2008 seems to be justified. As a result of new strategies, hyper markets have been the driving force behind the expansion of beers sales in the recent period. – The practice of selling premium category products at moderate prices is spreading. Over half of the total quantity is sold in hyper markets – sums up the essence of their business policy Mónika Agócs from Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. Consumers have been particularly receptive to promotions and favourable prices in recent years, especially when used in connection with premium brands. – Hyper markets often use beer as a sort of a magnet for attracting customers during promotional campaigns. – says Zsolt Mészáros, sales director of Borsodi Sörgyár Zrt. Hyper markets can take advantage of the size and diversity of their assortments by using some products as magnets rather than for generating a profit. Warm weather was another factor which contributed to the expansion in beer sales last year. In spite of the environmental charge introduced for canned beer, aluminium cans are getting more popular. Plastic bottles are also here to stay. – Hyper markets account for over half of the growth recorded in the canned segment – says Mónika Agócs. The prices of canned beers were lower in hyper markets in 2007 than the preceding year, while that of bottled beers rose. The environmental charge will not change consumer habits by itself. – Unfortunately, the ecological consciousness of the average Hungarian consumer is quite limited and often retailers are not aware of the advantages of reusable packaging either – says Éva Kiss from Heineken hungária Sörgyárak Nyrt. Plastic bottles also produced dynamic expansion last year. Brand policy has extreme importance in the market of beer, as loyalties and occasions for consumption depend on the brand message. ATL tools are used more frequently for advertising premium brands, while in-store promotions are generally used for lower category products. TV is still the most effective media for beer. However, really successful campaigns depend on a synergy between ATL and BTL promotional activities.

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