Magazine: Self-training in the top restaurant

By: Trademagazin Date: 2017. 05. 09. 07:09

For 3 months Budapest restaurant La Perle Noir employed two top chefs: László Koncz, who earned a Michelin recommendation for the place, and Olivér Heiszler (executive chef since December), who kept the Michelin star for Tanti after István Pesti had left.

By now Mr Koncz has left, but the owners and Mr Heiszler keep going forward: they have invited a pastry chef trainer to the restaurant for the spring! She is called Éva Lovász, the owner of dessert shop Monofu. The training project will focus on the topic of plate dessert, an area of cuisine that is still rather underdeveloped in Hungary. One thing is for sure: La Perle Noir profits from progressive initiatives like this.

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