The circus ring and neurons

By: Dr. Köves András Date: 2015. 12. 07. 07:50

It won’t be easy for the 10th Business Days conference in 2016 to surpass the level of this year’s event. For instance we learned about how the methods of neuroscience are used for measuring consumer reactions. Soon we may be hearing about genome marketing, but let’s not forget that business decisions are still made based on figures. For the time being retailers are satisfied with sales figures and happy to spend Sundays at home with their family. Thanks to this they have time to study consumers too… Consumers, who are often scared when they open the newspaper and read about scandals such as the cases of Volkswagen or Glencore. It was really great that Mosley, the circus elephant visited us at the garden party: she reminded us that things can break easily in the china shop we are working in…

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