Magazine: How can likes be turned into forints on Facebook?

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 09. 25. 12:26

 Kéri Gábor sales director Thinkdigital

Kéri Gábor
sales director

Several major FMCG brands already use Facebook’s advertising solutions in Hungary as well. Gábor Kéri, sales director of Thinkdigital spoke to us about Facebook trends in Hungary’s FMCG sector. According to him, international FMCG brands mainly use Facebook for brand building purposes. However, there are other opportunities too and companies are starting to realise how it pays off to use content developed especially for this platform and to apply special marketing strategy on Facebook. Mr Kéri told that in the US already exists a targeting method that is based on actual buying habits registered in-store, which means that for instance nappy ads are displayed to those Facebook users who do have babies and buy nappies in physical stores. CRM activity is a key element in FMCG brands’ communication activity. A basic and popular tool for building consumer loyalty is making people ‘like’ the page but today more complex and more efficient solutions are also available to brand owners in this domain. Facebook apps can be used or consumers can be directed to the brand’s own website in order to build and maintain databases – cheaper and more efficiently than before. For instance if a brand has a 40,000-strong e-mail database and can select the 5,000 consumers who are the most important from a certain perspective, it can reach thousands of similar Facebook users with its messages. By using Facebook reaching various consumer segments targetedly becomes child’s play. For successful campaigns target groups’ motivations must be understood and brands also need to forget about one-way communication. If they manage to do this, Facebook users will act as voluntary ambassadors of brands. It is also important to keep in mind that these days many people are active on Facebook while watching TV, so combining television commercials with Facebook ads can multiply brand imprinting efficiency.

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