Magazine: Vending machines: past, present and future (Part 3)

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 11. 25. 07:15

In the USA and in Asia vending machines are becoming a segment of catering. These machines can primarily be the competitors of fast food restaurants. Warmed-up to-go foods are the closest to snacks – the type of food most typically offered from vending machines – but cooled products can also be purchased from vending machines. For instance MooBella ice cream vending machines are very successful: they make an ice cream in 45 seconds, with customers using the touchscreen to specify the ingredients. What is more, via satellite MooBella not only informs the vending machine operators on which ingredient is about to run out, but it also provides sales data updates. Several vending machine manufacturers are experimenting with the most typical to-go foods, pizza and French fries. Last year a burrito vending machine debuted in the USA. It was installed at a Los Angeles gas station and it sells five types of burrito. Users can pay with their bank card too and they can watch videos on the machine’s screen while the food is being prepared.

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