There should be a unified repo exchange system – the BKIK and the Zöld Követ Egyesület call for extensive consultation and market self-regulation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 19. 09:09

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) and the Zöld Követ Egyesület recommend a market self-regulatory solution to the irregularities related to repo exchange, i.e. a rational, uniform and truly sustainable transformation of the system. An important part of their proposal is that the guests who choose the repo restaurant will receive its value back.

The BKIK and the Zöld Követ Egyesület jointly draw attention to the flaws in the redemption of the repo. In addition to sustainability aspects, their important goal is that no restaurant can oblige a guest who chooses a repo glass to buy the glass, which is why they are taking the initiative to create a uniform practice that promotes redemption for money. According to their opinion, the collection, redemption of repo glasses or the replacement of new glasses should be solved with a unified token system or common application, independent of the restaurant.

BKIK and Zöld Követ Egyesület therefore invite the stakeholders of the sector to think together, so that an efficient, sustainable and fair system based on self-regulation, and eventually corresponding regulations, can be created. The Budapest Chamber and the Green Pillar Association, which supports sustainable solutions, undertake to coordinate the negotiations and also provide the necessary infrastructure for them.

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