Research: In almost half of Hungarian stores people do not keep their distance

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 12. 01. 11:38
In Hungarian stores, masks are worn more than the European average, but in almost half of the shops, buyers and sellers do not adhere to the mandatory distance, according to a recent survey of trial countries MSPA Europe / Africa carried out in 15 countries.

As part of the European-level research, more than 5,800 stores, including 103 Hungarian locations, were surveyed in October and November by experts from MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) member companies in a total of 15 countries. Trial shoppers entering stores in a variety of industries (e.g., supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores) monitored the number of hand sanitizers, warning signs, protective equipment and masks, and the practical implementation of distance, keeping in mind the restrictions currently in effect in the countries. Participants in the research then had to make a statement about how safe they felt in the particular business and how likely they would be to return there based on the service they experienced.

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