Price war broke out in Germany

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 06. 29. 11:15
Aldi and Lidl have started a new price war – wrote, after the German press. The government cut the value-added tax (VAT) from July 1 due to the coronavirus crisis, and Aldi and Lidl felt the challenge of the age. They anticipate tax cuts to entice shoppers.

The entire German food industry is now fighting a huge battle for consumers. “Dumping prices, dumping wages” – this is what they think the future looks like.

And obviously they didn’t want that either. According to, German food retailing now looks like a war of market buckets. Discount store chains are simply trying to shout at each other to lure buyers. In particular, Aldi and Lidl. (Eidenpenz József,

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