Fewer promotional leaflets and shorter promotional periods

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 02. 14. 08:00

According to GfK Hungária’s Leaflet Monitor, comparing the first nine months of the leaflet market in 2009 with the same period in 2008 shows that the number of leaflets published by the different retail channels fell and the promotional periods shortened. Private labels became even more active in the same period. One of the most important tools for advertising promotion campaigns is the leaflet. Since 2003, GfK Hungária has been monitoring the market of leaflets published by retail channels. These leaflets reach 80 percent of consumers. Two thirds of those asked regularly flip through leaflets. In the examined period, especially the C+C channels and consumer electronics stores decreased the number of leaflets published. However, there are retail channels that publish more leaflets: supermarkets, discount stores and hypermarkets. While in 2008 the average length of a promotion campaign was 17 days, in 2009 it was down at 15. According to János Kui, commerce research sector manager of GfK Hungária, this finding also indicates that certain discount stores, super- and hypermarkets published promotional leaflets more frequently. The number of private label products in the FMCG category grows robustly: in January-September 2008, the top 4 private labels were durable food products (22 percent), dairy products (19), meat products (17) and beverages (12), in the same period of 2009 each category was able to expand, except for beverages.

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