Double influence

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 04. 27. 08:00

István Kiripolszki, the sous-chef of Kogart in Budapest entered both category ‘A’ chef competitions.

Q: Did you try to demonstrate something by this?
A: Not at all, I just wanted to compete. I did not want be in the centre of attention.
Q: Did you prepare the same way for the two competitions?
A: Yes, but I knew the topic of Tradition and Evolution earlier and chicken as a base material suits me better. Bocuse d’Or made me realise that the professional help of a commis was invaluable.
Q: Was their any difference between the quality levels of the two contests?
A: There were different tasks and different expectations. Both organising teams worked hard, but it could be felt that Tradition and Evolution was organised for the third time – things went more smoothly.

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