Magazine: The door to another world – Flavour importers III.

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 01. 15. 12:00

One of the oldest ‘national’ food stores in Hungary is the Asia shop in Budapest’s Great Market Hall. Sándor Varga and his wife opened shop in 1988 and they specialise in the base materials of Asian cuisine. With the liberalisation of foreign trade they were soon offering a wide range of products and the owners knowledge also expanded. The store played a vital role in the spreading of different types of Asian cuisine (first Chinese, then Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian and Japanese) in Hungary. Today they offer 5,000-6,000 products: cured products, canned food, sauces, fresh herbs and spices, frozen fish, mushrooms and noodles. They have several partners in catering, including all the best hotels in Budapest.

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