Innovation changing cleaning habits

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 09. 05. 08:00

Spring and autumn are the main seasons for detergents and other cleaning products. SC Johnson, Unilever and Vileda all have new products waiting to be launched in the autumn. Housewives are the primary target group of cleaning products and detergents. As László Aranyi, trade marketing manager from Unilever has told us, they rely on extensive research to find out as much as possible about the cleaning habits of households. This has revealed that households keep an average of 7-8 different products. (Source:Research International Hoffmann). For example, the assortment of cleaning sprays has expanded spectacularly in recent years. Generally, universal detergents and specialised products are both used. Disinfectant detergents containing chlorine like Domestos, and Flóraszept are still popular. According to Júlia Maszlag, marketing manager of SC Johnson Kft, they have products for cleaning furniture, sinks and toilets as well. Demand for specialised detergents is growing. Pronto is the leading brand in the furniture care segment, where aerosols are the most popular products. The segment of sink cleaners is in decline as a result of aggressive pricing strategies and the drop in demand for liquids, sprays and foams. Among toilet cleaners, liquid products account for over 50 per cent of the market in terms of quantity and 25 per cent in terms of value. The Toalett Kacsa product line was re-launched last year under the brand name Duck. According to László Aranyi from Unilever, prices and offers containing some added value have become extremely important to consumers in 2008. The popularity of private labels also increased spectacularly in 2007. Some categories exist where brand loyalty is strong. Domestos detergents and Cif scrubbing creams are examples of products which have generated strong loyalty in their customers. Consumers require continuous innovation in categories related to cleaning. When Pronto Duster had been introduced by SC Johnson, the whole market showed expansion. Another innovation to be introduced n the furniture care market is the Pronto furniture spray, which is their second premium category product. The 500 ml size Mr Muscle sink cleaning gel and granulate are other innovations by SC Johnson. As the spray segment is producingthe most dynamic growth, Cif has launched a universal product line for everyday use under the name “Cif Actifizz”. Cif Oven & Grill Cleaning Spray has also been available since May. The new Domestos Koszmester cleaning agent intended for use on vertical surfaces appeared in May. Apart form detergents, tools are also needed for cleaning. According to Márta Buczkó, marketing manager of Vileda, modern cleaning products can be used effectively even without detergents. Some type of broom is used in all households. Products intended for indoor use are becoming increasingly different from those used outdoors and electric brooms have also appeared recently. There are surfaces which need to be washed up in all houses. Development is this segment has been speeded up by the launch of Vileda UltraMax, as this products keeps us from getting our hands wet. The largest volume of sales is generated by mop segment with the special buckets. As few consumers use shopping lists, it’s well worth reminding them of this category. Displays are the most effective in-store tools for this purpose. As full assortment require a lot of space, these are usually only found in hyper markets and do it yourself stores. Giving away free handles for mops is the most successful form of promotion. Vileda uses comprehensive marketing campaigns to promote its products. Apart from TV campaigns, their interactive web site ( is also an important communication tool. Their latest innovation, Vileda Supermop bucket which allows 40 per cent more rapid drying of floors, was introduced in March.

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