The toy market is also strong this Christmas

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 16. 11:53

The strongest period of the toy market begins in mid-November: according to data from REGIO JÁTÉK, this year half of the annual turnover will be realized in the month and a half before Christmas, the company expects a 15% increase in basket value compared to the end of last year. Despite the economic situation, families do not plan to spend much less on gifts, most children find company, LEGO and creative sets, developmental toys under the Christmas tree.

Dollhouse is a popular product

The strongest period of the toy market is coming: in the month and a half before Christmas, 50% of the annual turnover is realized based on REGIO JÁTÉK’s estimate.

“During the holiday season, customers typically choose more and higher-value toys, in which case the demand can increase up to sixfold. This year, we expect a 15% increase in basket value, which means an average purchase of HUF 11,000 in traditional stores and HUF 15,000 online”

– explained Dávid Gyaraki, marketing manager of REGIO JÁTÉK. The most popular categories at the end of the year are board games, cards, LEGO and creative and developmental games.

“This is completely in line with the results of our recent research: most parents choose a toy based on the fact that, in addition to having fun, it provides useful knowledge and develops important skills, the price is only a secondary consideration”

Dávid Gyaraki said.