If environment protection depends on the Z generation we have to worry

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 10. 11. 11:08

The future generation is not interested in environmental protection enough? What are we doing to be greener? Do we know what zero-waste means? What do we consider to be more dangerous plastic waste or air pollution? The online search of Jófogás online sought answers to these questions.

Are Hungarians too environment conscious?

The Hungarians are thinking more green than the logistics would make it possible. According to the research, 95 percent of Internet users are environmentally responsible, and this positive attitude can be visible on their garbage as well.
89 percent of the respondents selectively collect rubbish, but the country has a serious difficulty in removing selective waste.

Research has also shown that unfortunately the future generation is thinking least green. One third of the Z generation (16 to 20 year olds) does not consider the protection of the environment important and do not collect waste selectively.