Factory opening ceremony

By: Dr. Fischer Béla Date: 2019. 01. 31. 09:13

Dr. Béla Fischer 
founding member
Lánchíd Klub

It was a good feeling to be present at the ceremonial opening of VIRESOL Kft.’s new factory in Visonta: they built a modern, high-capacity wheat processing plant that can be very competitive even abroad. It is definitely the interest of the Hungarian agri-food sector to sell not unprocessed but processed products in the international market.

In the last few years the state invested HUF 300 billion in the processing industry. I was glad to hear the Prime Minster saying at the opening ceremony that there is more money for helping businesses in the sector, the task now is to find those companies which are worth investing in. I urge my colleagues to prove that such companies do exist. Even more so because agri-food companies have already started investing in automatisation. However, ‘smart farming’ is still a long way away in Hungarian agriculture. //

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