Franchise superior 2016

By: Trademagazin Date: 2017. 02. 27. 21:43

On 19 January 2017 the Hungarian Franchise Association announced the eight category winner franchisors and franchisees.

Dr. Mandel Katalin főtitkár Magyar Franchise Szövetség

Dr. Mandel Katalin
Magyar Franchise Szövetség

András Tóth, president of the Hungarian Franchise Association

T.M.: – How do you assess the time you have spent as president so far?

– I think the last one and a half years were successful. The number of members increased and we are now the biggest franchise association in Eastern Europe. Last May our general secretary, Dr Katalin Mandel became member of the European Franchise Federation’s board of directors.

T.M.: – What were the most important achievements of the association in the last 2-3 years?

– In each of the last three years one of our members was in the top five of the Best Franchisee of the World competition: three years ago Otthon Centrum franchisee László Sánta finished 2nd, two years ago Diego franchisees József Takács and Gábor Vasváry won the bronze medal, while last year High-Care franchisee Edit Kesjár came in 4th and Alma Pharmacies franchisee Szabolcs File finished 2nd.

T.M.: – What problems do you have to face?

– We developed a new training programme called Franchise Academy, within the framework of which we discuss topics which are very important in the everyday life of franchise networks. Every year there are more and more entries in the franchise competition; since there are so many types of franchise networks, it is very difficult to make objective decisions when evaluating.

T.M.: – What development opportunities do you see for the association in the next three years?

– In the next few years we would like to increase the number of members to 80. Based on international experiences, I think that the number of franchises will increase in all sectors. Last year several international franchise network entered the Hungarian market, for instance Spanish network Natur House has become a member of our association recently.

T.M.: – What does the association give to members today?

– In Hungary it is the Hungarian Franchise Association that supervises the ethical business conduct of franchise networks. In addition to this, the association also represents the interests of members and organises training programmes. Before admitting new members, the association thoroughly examines applicants. We help if members have problems with enterprises that wish to join their network.

T.M.: – What are the major trends in the world of franchise?

– At world level the role of multi unit franchisees is becoming more important – these are franchisees that operate several units in more networks. Many networks prefer multi unit franchisees because they are financially strong and have great experience in the franchise sector.

Dr Katalin Mandel, general secretary of the association

T.M.: – Were there changes in the competition’s evaluation system?

– In the last two years there was one major change: we introduced the category of ‘Hungarian Network Expanding Successfully Abroad’. On 19 January 2017 Duna House was named the winner in this category: in 2016 they bought Poland’s biggest real estate agency franchise Metro House.

T.M.: – What was 2016 like for the association?

– 2016 was a busy and successful year for us. There is growing interest in the franchise sector and more and more networks find it important to become members of a trade association. By the end of 2016 we had 60 members.

T.M.: – You personally also had a very successful year!

– Yes, in May 2016 I was elected member of the board of directors of the European Franchise Federation, which means that I can represent the interests of the Hungarian franchise sector much better. I also work in the World Franchise Council and I am a member of the Best Franchisee of the World jury.

T.M.: – What are your plans for 2017?

– Hungarian franchise networks will participate in many international competitions. Last year the association launched the Franchise Academy programme that intends to helps newly established and medium-sized networks.

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