The tides have turned: From recovery to growth

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 11. 10. 21:39
Andreas Christou, RetailZoom

Andreas Christou
managing director

Since the pandemic started in March, impulse baskets have shrunk and now only represent 39 percent of all baskets. For instance in the first three months of the pandemic (March-May) the energy drink category shrank more than 19 percent.

According to Andreas Christou, managing director of RetailZoom Magyarország Kft., in the last 3 months the category has shown clear signs of fighting back, with a 1.2 percent increase in value sales vs. last year. Even more impressively, the category managed to grow while only re-gaining about 60 percent of the lost impulse baskets, thanks to new innovations such as the introduction of a seasonal watermelon flavour by Red Bull. This SKU sliced out a 16-percent market share from the Red Bull portfolio and a 4.4-percent market share from the total category.

Merkler Edit, RedBull

Edit Merkler
off premise manager

Only the classic Red Bull flavour sold better than this. Edit Merkler, off premise manger of Red Bull told: from October 2020 the new flavour is part of the standard assortment under the Red Bull red name. //

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