An important milestone is the presentation of the joint research plans of the Bioeast countries

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 17. 10:51

The BIOEAST initiative with the participation of 11 Central and Eastern European ministries of agriculture presented its macro-regional research and innovation agenda in Warsaw.

The proposal formulates the common knowledge needs and priorities, the answers to which serve to exploit the possibilities inherent in biological-based resources in the countries of this region much more effectively. In addition to the schedule, 11 country-specific studies were prepared, which separately analyze the potential and development opportunities of the biomass-based economy of the member states. At the international conference, Anikó Juhász, the Deputy State Secretary responsible for agriculture, highlighted that the creation of the documents is a significant milestone. The designation of research and innovation directions can greatly help the joint thinking and mutually supportive actions of science and practice, which in the future can lead to a more sustainable use of resources resulting in a higher degree of security.

Hungary is committed to continue actively participating in the operation of the BIOEAST initiative

The Ministry of Agriculture also provides the partner ministries and domestic economic operators with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the research and innovation schedule and country-specific study that has just been presented. In addition, opinions can be expressed and suggestions made about the ideas presented. The Ministry of Agriculture expects that the Hungarian EU presidency in 2024 will provide a favorable opportunity to strengthen BIOEAST’s role in Europe and conduct high-level political discussions aimed at broadening it.


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