Manna ABC is celebrating 15 years in business

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 05. 22. 18:33

’We are pleased to announce that 25 May 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the opening of our first round-the-clock Manna ABC store. On 25 May 2005 we opened the doors of Manna ABC in Pozsonyi út, Budapest. Within a few years it was followed by our Vámház körút store in a bustling downtown location and then a number of other shops. Today we are the proud operator of 14 retail outlets with a strong determination to expand further. We hope that not even a global pandemic would stop us in achieving our goals. The first thought that still comes to mind about us is that we have a 24/7 location in almost every busy area of Budapest. In addition, we work tirelessly that our customers think of us as a distributor of numerous, high-quality, specialty products. We started out as a small family business running just one shop and we have now become a retail chain with a network of stores all around the capital,’ – said Andras Pal Papp owner and CEO.

‘Our initial concept was to operate smaller shops, however, in 2018 we started moving in a new direction: from the convenience store category towards the location of daily shopping. This change also meant the increase of the floor space, therefore both new units we opened that year occupy over 180 sq metres each. They are both located in office buildings, one in the 13th and the other one in the 9th district. 2019 was all about the refurbishment of existing stores. We fully renovated 6 of our shops, both in terms of equipment and technical infrastructure. The end of 2020 will see the further expansion of our network and we will open our largest and most innovative store to date within the AGORA Budapest development with a floor space of over 400 sq metres. Our dream was a new store that can provide much more than the usual Manna ABC standards.


We will create a shopping location that is in line with today’s trends, meets the requirements of the modern customer, and provides a real shopping experience. The same concept applies to our other new unit opening in the Váci Greens business district. Over the years we had to re-write our strategy a number of times, but we are extremely proud that we continue to play an important and responsible role in the smooth service of the public and the supply of goods. In addition to our excellent staff our business partners also play an important role in this and we would like to thank them all. We do hope that we can celebrate our jubilee soon and we are preparing a special surprise for our customers,’ – added the CEO.








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