The spring seasonal food chain inspection has started

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 15. 10:30

From March 14, the national spring seasonal food chain inspection was ordered by dr. Márton Nobilis, State Secretary responsible for food industry and trade policy at the Ministry of Agriculture. Among other things, the inspectors will closely examine the distribution of eggs and confectionery products, while the Nébih laboratory will examine hams, cold kitchen products, and egg dyes.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The state secretary emphasized that there is a decades-old tradition of seasonal food chain inspections. The purpose of the spring promotion is to ensure that both the preparation period and the Easter holidays pass without disturbance, and that only safe products are put on the table of families. In order to do this, he ordered the national goal check again this year, which will last from March 14 to the whole of Easter Monday, i.e. until April 10.

The campaign is coordinated by Nébih, and experts from the office and county government offices participate in its implementation

The inspectors will visit both food production and distribution sites, and will focus on the distribution of typical product ranges such as ham, edible eggs, cold kitchen products, confectionery products, vegetables, fruits, wines and alcoholic beverages. Of course, laboratory tests are also carried out. Marinated, smoked, raw hams, cold kitchen products (such as mayonnaise, egg-containing salads, ham rolls) and egg dyes will be checked in Nébih’s laboratories, emphasized Márton Nobilis.

Holidays and traditions are important for Hungarian families, an integral part of which is hospitality, the laid table – reminded the state secretary. In accordance with this, the seasonal food chain inspection lasts until the end of the Easter period, so that even with the increased traffic, only safe products reach consumers.


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