More expensive oilseeds

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 10. 20. 11:30

According to data from the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NAIK), the average production price of raw milk was HUF 100.48/kg in Hungary in September 2019. The export price was HUF 112.2/kg – up 6 percent from the previous month. Estimation by the European Commission reveals that the EU’s milk production will grow by 0.4 percent to 167.4 million tons in 2019. Milk yield is likely to improve by 1.1 percent to 7,327kg/cow.

The sunflower seed harvest has finished in Hungary: From 561.7 thousand hectares of land 1.7 million tons of sunflower seed was harvested. Oilseeds were purchased from growers for 9 percent more than a year ago, HUF 99.6 thousand/ton on the second week of October. Beef production in the EU will be around 7.97 million tons in 2019. In the EU abattoirs purchased R3-categroy young bulls for EUR 3.53/kg in September 2019, for 5.4 percent less than one year earlier. //

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