dm-drogerie markt Launches Packaging Partly Made From Recycled CO₂

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 11. 29. 08:10

German retailer dm-drogerie markt has unveiled new packaging for its Denkmit Ultra washing up liquid that is made with 30% plastic produced from recycled CO₂.

LanzaTech, a partner company of dm, developed the biochemical technology capable of producing ethanol from CO₂, which in turn can be used in products, as a sustainable raw material for plastic packaging.

Following the launch, dm plans to unveil a number of other products under the Denkmit brand that also use recycled CO₂, including Ultra Sensitive washing-up liquid.

According to the retailer, recycling the CO₂ means that emissions are reduced because gas is not emitted into the atmosphere – the ecological footprint of the ethanol produced is 40% lower.


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