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By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2020. 09. 03. 11:34

POPAI Hungary held its annual general meeting, open session and The Hungarian handover of the Shop!Global Awards online. The professional part resonated with real “back to the new normal” content with current topics of school start, Generation Z, learning, competition, brands and design.

The POPAI Hungary Association reviewed and accepted the 2019 activities which was rich in  events. With the motto “Digitization or whatever you want”, last year the internet, digital POP, social media and related promotions, online-supported interaction and activation were also topics. In September, the POPAI Student Design Awards display design competition was announced with the support of Essity Hungary and SPAR.

Members continues to support the work of the management. Ágnes Péczely-Tóth, the marketing and sales manager of Digitálisreklá Kft., was welcomed by the general meeting as a new member of the Supervisory Board.

Product design at the highest level

Varga András, BME mesteroktató

András Varga, the master lecturer at BME, gave a presentation entitled “Interesting facts in product design” to a virtual audience consisting of POPAI members, university circles and interested parties. The 56-year-old mechanical engineer has been teaching at the Budapest University of Technology for 30 years, and also works as a designer. He was a member of the team that was the first to introduce product design course in Hungary (at BME) 25 years ago. For the past 10 years, he has been leading corporate projects in which he has achieved significant success with his students. In his presentation illustrated with pictures and videos, he presented the most successful ideas of a quarter of a century from design to realization. András Varga emphasized that in order to achieve success, goals, creativity, cooperation, communication, the availability of sufficient time and resources are all important. From medical instruments to toys and furniture to mineral water bottles and displays, the range is very wide, on which unique and original, exciting solutions and creations are made. It is no coincidence, then, that 2 winners of the Student Design category have already been eliminated from the master instructor’s groups.

World champion Zewa display

As previously reported, the 4 winners of the 2019 POPAI Student Design Awards  could represent Hungary in the international Shop!Global Awards exclusive for the winners of local competitions. The winner of the Student Design category was Boldizsár Rajkai with Zewa’s windmill display, which he presented with a video. The intermittent rotation with motion sensor can be detected even in the peripheral field of view, thus directing attention to the display and the product.

Shop!Global Awards díjak

The awards, which came straight from Chicago, were presented to Boldizsár Rajkai, a BME student, and Réka Nagy, the customer marketing manager of Essity Hungary, in a symbolic way, displayed on screen.

Tomi Trunk, more than a prodigy

Trunk Tamás könyv

The polyhistor of today, the 17-year-old author and youtuber, a selected skier, radio presenter, rapper, the best-known representative of the Z-generation, called Dablty he is one of the leading figures in the sneakerhead community. His book “Brands Sneakers Gen-Z” was published in 2017 and he is now writing a new one about how Gen-Z habits will change, how and what they will consume in the future. The FMCG profession can know him from conferences, as he regularly lectures in Hungary and abroad. Tomi Trunk not only experiences the incredibly intense, non-linear, startupper, highly individualized, yet community and movement-minded way of life that characterizes the age group, but also articulates and authentically summarizes the point. The presentation “Misconceptions about Generation Z” co-organized with Zsófia Lakatos (Emerald PR leader) highlighted that members of Generation Z can be reached effectively along humor, online focus, brand leadership, purpose orientation, and passion for good causes.

The dialogue soon revealed that although Generations X and Z look at each other with many prejudices, they certainly agree on a common point, they both need idols, role models, names, and faces. It has also become clear that the pandemic, the crisis, the search for a way out also create a common denominator, bringing generations closer together. And in surviving and finding a solution, age groups turn to brands and big companies with confidence and high expectations.

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