Czerván György: 1.6 billion HUF for the pig sector program this year

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 01. 23. 12:10

1.6 billion HUF will be available for the pig sector program this year, just like in 2013 – Czerván György announced on Thursday, at the heralding press conference of the 7th Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest.

sertesekCzerván György, the Minister of State for the Ministry of Rural Development (VM) responible for agri management, indicated that the goal is to double the current, about 3 million pig population in six years.

The 7th Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest will be held between 7 – 9 February at the Szabadság Square. The event is free of charge. (MTI)

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