Cryovac Mirabella® unique tray lidding system

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 09. 02. 00:00

The package is a patented, inventive and creative packaging concept that totally changes the rules of the game for meat packed under modified atmosphere.

 This clever package allows
product-to-film contact without discolouration. Instead of wasted
headspace, the product can now reach the level of the tray flange.
This allows a reduction in tray height of 40% on average compared to
standard tray lidding. The end result is an innovative Case-Ready
pack that promotes sales by making the appetising product the star

Air has qualified a range of high speed Tray Sealers with strategic
partners, which are compatible with the
Cryovac Mirabella® concept. This new concept is ideally suited
for modified atmosphere Case-Ready applications covering a wide
variety of fresh meat products, specifically beef, pork, veal, lamb
and poultry. It offers the unique benefit of meat-to-film contact
without meat discolouration.


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