Has Opened Its Drive-Thru in Budapest

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2020. 02. 28. 08:10

James McQuillan, Chief Executive of posted the following on their Linkedin-page: ‘Shelves are empty across Budapest, but at Kifli we’re still open. Given that Budapestians are keen to quickly stock up their cupboards, we want to help as many shoppers as possible, even if we don’t have enough delivery vans to cover the entire city! Therefore we decided last night at 8pm to open a Drive-thru, and by 10am this morning it was live. Customers are using it already to collect their goods directly from our warehouse.

The most important attribute for any business in times of crisis is agility. No committees, no approval roadmaps, no research panels, just creativity and good old fashioned hard work. As the great Jack Cohen would have said “You can’t do business sitting on your ass”.