Clouds above the sun protection market

By: Budai Klára Date: 2021. 06. 21. 09:14
Kelen Réka, Dr. Kelen

Réka Horváth-Kelen
sales and marketing manager

In 2020 not only the virus situation had a negative effect on the sales of sunscreen products, but also the changeable summer weather.

Réka Horváth-Kelen, sales and marketing manager of HighCosm Bt. (they make and sell Dr.Kelen products) told our magazine that sales are strengthening in drugstores, while they are getting weaker in pharmacies and grocery stores (with the exception of hypermarkets).

Demand is the biggest for F30 sun protection products for adults and F50 sunscreens for children. Spray is the most popular format and shoppers want preservative- and allergen-free products that contain natural ingredients too. Dr.Kelen SUN suntan lotions have been in the market since 1992, offering reliable sun protection to consumers. //

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