Security audit reveals the weaknesses

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 08. 17. 10:18

In every phase of the logistic process there is an opportunity to steal raw material, semi-finished products or finished goods. Statistical data shows that a business may suffer 1.5-3 percent loss if it doesn’t protect its stock well enough. György Ujvári, the managing director of security technology specialist Lifeguard Kft. told our magazine that currently there are about 4,000 security firms active in Hungary. There is lots of work for them in the logistics sector, but Mr Ujvári’s opinion is that fewer security services work in the sector than would be necessary. He thinks the best way to call logistics companies’ attention to the dangers is performing a security audit, which reveals the weaknesses of the security system and at the same time also offers solutions to eliminate them. Audits also examine the quality of work and fire safety equipment, human resources and compliance with regulations. The managing director added that security services need to be integrated into logistics processes in a fashion that they don’t slow them down. Installing state-of-the-art equipment isn’t enough – things have to be under control all the time. He believes the biggest problem is that those who work in logistics don’t know much about security issues and security companies lack the necessary logistic knowledge. The solution can be developing special training programmes for security staff. Tibor Polonyi, business development director of DSC Hungária reckons that the most important market trend is the spreading of video camera systems. With these systems it is easy to follow the movement of goods and video footages of warehouse transactions can be watched later any time. A new feature of premium video management solutions is that they are capable of receiving data from warehouse management software online. Mr Polonyi recommends using video management in freight forwarding too. József Filkorn, security technology expert of SEAWING informed Trade magazin that from a security technology perspective, it is becoming more and more important in logistics to separate various authorisation levels and zones from each other. The utilisation of premises needs to be monitored properly and different warehousing processes have to be identified precisely. SEAWING developed an integrated security technology system for partners: SIS (SEAWING Integrated Solution) is popular among both SMEs and large companies. SIS also offers a sustainable, economical and easy-to-extend network, which works well irrespective of company size or premises type. The company’s partners include Lidl, Dreher and Auchan.

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